Honor, Pride, Patriotism

Members from: American Legion Posts, VFW Posts, VVA Chapters,
or any veteran organization - we want to help you and your organization.

Reach out to your kids, grandkids and great-grandkids - get them involved.

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Teens for Veterans originally started as a local group of teenagers wanting to help our veterans. Presently we are a national organization. Contact us for more information and how you can start your own chapter.

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Helping to set up and work fundraising booths, whether food booths or any type of public veteran awareness booths at various town/city or county events.

Sharing Talent

During this difficult time with social distancing, Teens for Veterans decided to perform a special concert for our veterans. Providing entertainment, whether socially distanced with a virtual concert or at a VA hospital, for our veterans is important. Donating time and talent for veterans' enjoyment is a lot of fun too!